There’s definite interplay between the mountaineer and the landscape photographer, beyond simply being outside. This is particularly true when considering out of the way places that require – to frame it positively – an element of adventure. It often begins with a photograph; a motivator to explore somewhere new and remote – somewhere high? From here it could simply be the mission of the landscape photographer to capture a photograph of their own. Equally it could be about the challenge, with a photograph the mountaineer’s obligatory reward at the end. It’s almost certainly a mix of both but in proportions that are unclear. Three things are certain: the ability of a photograph to inspire adventure; the promise of a view to help lift your feet up a trail; and the way a photograph can make the memory of an ordeal entirely positive.

Mountaineers often describe the experience as type 2 fun – an activity which is horrendous at the time and fun only in retrospect. If the telling of a great story can make it all worth while, a picture might just be the perfect catalyst, after all a picture…

The outdoors and photographs began as two separate pursuits but quickly converged. These days, whether the adventure starts on a beach or a glacier, I’ll have a camera at hand.

Benjamin Hall

hobbyist landscape photographer | novice mountaineer | aerospace engineer

Background image by Darcy Richardson – we’ve shared the odd adventure.

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