Rainbow Beach, Queensland

In the Begining

A website – I’ve been posting photos to Flickr for five-and-a-bit years and have enjoyed getting to follow the work of similar hobbyists and also professionals. Explore is an unbeatable way to get a photo seen but is equally fickle and frustrating. It’s always been a good platform for presenting photographs but the recent changes in layout have driven lots of people away and meant the presentation of your images is changing out of your control. So take 1 part of the above and add 10 parts of needlessly wanting a project to pour time in to and here it is…

Over the next couple of months I’m going to move stuff over to the Gallery and will add the back story in the blog section. Thinking about it now, it’s really just a way to relive my holidays over the last few years. One favourite among my uni mates was Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach. The last hour of the journey to this spot is over Teewah beach on sand via 4WD and is basically half the fun.

I’d been mucking around with my first DSLR for a while before taking this photograph of an afternoon at Rainbow Beach. It was, however, a turning point. It was a photograph of my own, that while not perfect, brought me a lot of enjoyment to look at. This was the beginning of a drive to get to places of natural beauty and take photographs that I could get lasting enjoyment out of processing and viewing. Four years later, this became the first of my photographs to see commercial use –  Experts Pick the World’s Best Beaches – MSN Travel

In the BeginingBenjamin Hall