Alpine Summer – Preview

I’m sitting in Hôtel-Refuge du Prarion in Les Houches and for the 3rd day in a row it’s a complete white-out. That is, I can see barely more than 5 m in any direction. If the Chalet des Anglais delivers endless fun when it’s sunny, it must be said to be quite bipolar in that clouds and rain come with endless tedium. It has presented a much-needed opportunity to plan my next moves towards Gressoney-La-Trinité, Italy but given the choice I’d be out walking and play it fast and loose with the logistics when the time to move along comes. There is a promise of better weather on the way.

The first week in the Alps wasn’t without a slow, cloudy start either, but it turned in to a cracking week in the Chamonix-Mont Blanc region. Four sunny days in a row in fact. I’m kicking myself now to have spent two of them with largely self-inflicted food poisoning. There’s a lesson in drinking from unknown streams in there…

Amongst all of this, a quick glance has revealed some photos that I’m really excited about. I decided to break with my usual anal-retentive way of not showing photos before each had it’s day and post a bit of a preview. It might also answer some questions about what photos looks like straight out of the camera.

Yes, I know they’re small and hard to see. You can’t have it all…

Alpine Summer - PreviewBenjamin Hall

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  1. Michael Tinworth on

    Enjoy the white mate. Haha.
    Nice photos.