Alpine Summer in Motion

Motion picture isn’t really my forte but since I had a GoPro in the Alps this year, it seems a waste not to make something of it. I spent a spare hungover afternoon chopping the footage together. It needs to come with a warning that the wobbly helmet-cam footage will probably induce fits and nausea – proceed with caution if you get motion sickness. I’m scheming up some kind of chest-mounted brushless motor gimbal for next year… It’s  a little ambitious and it goes against the mountaineer’s charter to travel as light as possible but I think it’ll be worth it.

The first secquence – after the obligatory GoPro-on-car intro – is after a night at the Tete Rousse Refuge on Mont Blanc for acclimatisation. After two weeks of terrible weather, I decided I should make the most of what turned out to be a stunning day rather than sitting in a tiny building. To that end I ran down to the TMB at Nid d’Aigle and then almost missed it. From there it’s Monte Rosa with Mikey. Continuing an unsettled July in the Alps, we had mostly awful weather but one absolutely stunning day which makes up the second half – bluebird skies captured by a wobbly helmet-mounted GoPro. We linked up a bunch of peaks on the way down from the Margherita Hut (4554 m) and back to Gresonney. A long day in the end.

Alpine Summer in MotionBenjamin Hall

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